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How do I add bottom branding to my profile?

With EBSCOadmin, you can add branding to the bottom of your EBSCOhost, Full Text Finder or EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) profiles. Branding can include text, an image, or custom HTML code to add additional website functionality.

To add bottom branding, you must first add a new branding version, and then select that version on the Branding sub-tab in EBSCOadmin.

To add a new branding version:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. Select the profile you would like to modify from the Choose Profile drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Branding sub-tab.

  4. Under Bottom Branding, click the Modify link.

  5. Click the Add New Branding link.

  6. Enter a Branding Version Name.

  7. Select the appropriate Type of Text radio button to indicate the format for the custom text (either HTML or Plain Text.)

  8. In the Enter Custom Text field, type the custom text or custom HTML code that will appear at the bottom of the pages you select.

  9. Select the screens on which you want your custom branding to appear. You can select any combination of the following screens:

    • Choose Database
    • Basic/Refine Search
    • Basic/Result List
    • Advanced/Refine Search
    • Advanced/Search History
    • Advanced/Result List
  10. Set whether or not you would like this Bottom Branding style to be the default on all Profiles.

    Note: If you select No, you must apply the branding style to a profile from the Branding sub-tab under Bottom Branding.

  11. Click Submit. Your changes are saved.

To apply your bottom branding version:

  1. Access the profile to which you would like to add bottom branding.

  2. Select the Branding sub-tab.

  3. Select your newly created branding version from the drop-down menu to the right of Bottom Branding Version.

  4. Click Submit.