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EBSCOadmin: Settings on the Delivery Options Sub-Tab

The following settings are available on the Delivery Options sub-tab in EBSCOadmin.

To select Delivery Options:

  1. Select the profile and click the Delivery Options Sub-Tab. The Delivery Options Screen displays.

  2. Printing - To allow the user to print search results, select On.

  3. E-mail - To allow the user to e-mail search results, select On.

  4. "From" E-mail Address - To set a default "from" e-mail address that users will see when e-mailing articles, enter an e-mail address here. If none is entered, the default will be

  5. Allow Users to Change "From" E-mail Address - Click Yes to allow users to enter their own "from" e-mail address. 

  6. Cite- To allow the user to use the Cite feature for articles, select Yes.

  7. Direct Export - To allow the user to export search results (citations) in a variety of bibliographic manager formats, select On. The user will be able to save or e-mail his results from the Export Manager. (This feature is interface-specific, and may not be available for all interfaces.)

  8. Enable Notetaking - To allow the user to take notes on articles and save them to the My EBSCOhost folder, select Yes. (EBSCOhost Only)

  9. Default setting for "Save citations to a file format for" - Indicate a default file format for saving citations.

  10. Default setting for "Remove these items from folder after Printing/E-mailing/Saving" - Indicate whether this field should defaults to On for the Print, E-mail and Save Managers.

  11. Include "Current Search History" when Printing/E-mailing/Saving - Indicates whether the checkbox for this field on EBSCOhost Print/E-mail/Save Managers should default to On or Off.

  12. Include when Printing/E-mailing/Saving - Indicate which format this field should default to when the user prints, e-mails, or saves Result List items. Select one:

    • Brief Citation
    • Brief Citation and Abstract
    • Custom Fields
    • Detailed Citation and Abstract (the default)
    • AMA (American Medical Assoc.)
    • APA (American Psychological Assoc.)
    • Chicago/Turabian: Humanities
    • Chicago/Turabian: Author-Date
    • Harvard: Author-Date
    • MLA (Modern Language Assoc.)
    • Vancouver/ICMJE
  13. Maximum Citations to Print/E-mail/Save - Defines the maximum number of records the user can print or download from a single result list. (The value is in integers. Entering a number in this field is required. If the field is left blank, users will not be able to Print, E-mail, Save or Export items.)

  14. Persistent Links Creation - Indicate whether the user has the ability to save or e-mail links to citations, citations with full text, and citations that contain full text and/or PDF files. When this parameter is set to On, patrons see a choice on the E-mail and Save Manager Windows to e-mail or save links to articles. The ability to save a search as persistent link, and within the folder, the link "Persistent Links to Searches" is also available.

  15. Display Library Name in E-Mails - To "brand" e-mails sent from the user's profile, as well as from alert e-mails, enter the library name in the text-entry field. (The default is blank.)

  16. Make your selections on this screen and click Submit.