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How to Create a New Profile in EBSCOadmin

A profile defines the databases, collections, limiters, search screens, and other features end-users see when using EBSCOhost or other EBSCO interfaces. Profiles are set up in EBSCOadmin.

To create a new profile:

  1. From the Customize Services sub-toolbar, select the group from the Current Group drop-down list with which the new profile will be associated.

  2. Click the Profile Maintenance link.

  3. Click the Add a New Profile link.

  4. Enter a Profile ID and Description.

    Note: The Profile ID you create should be entered in all lowercase letters.

  5. Select an interface, default language, and style for the profile. Click Submit.

  6. Click the Back to Customize Services link.

Point to a specific profile by using this embedded URL:

The profileid should be the profile ID you entered when you created the new profile. For a list of suggested profile IDs, see the table at the bottom of this page.

Adding Databases to the New Profile

To add databases to a new profile:

  1. From the Choose Profile drop-down list, select the new profile.

  2. Click the Databases sub-tab. The Databases Screen displays.

  3. Enable Column – Select the On radio button for each database you would like to enable on the profile.

  4. Default to Selected - Indicate whether the database should be selected by default on the Choose Database Screen.

  5. Click Submit. Your changes have been saved.

Note: For more database settings, see How do I add databases to a profile?

Copying Settings from an Existing Profile

You can copy profile settings from an existing profile to the new profile. All settings can be copied.

To copy settings from an existing profile:

  1. Click the Profile Maintenance link. Click the Copy Profiles link.

  2. In the From Source Profile area, select the Site, Group and Profile ID of the profile to be copied.

  3. In the To Target Profile area, select the Site and Group ID that will receive the copied information.

  4. Enter the Profile ID for the new profile.

  5. Select the specific parameters to copy, or click the Select All button.

  6. Click Submit. The list of profiles appears with the new profile displayed.

Suggested Profile IDs

The following is a list of common profile IDs you can use when creating a new profile in EBSCOadmin.

To reach this interface: Use this Profile ID:
Australia/New Zealand Reference Center refcentau
Biography Reference Center brc
Business Book Review  bbr
Business Searching Interface bsi
Canadian Points of View pov-can
Canadian Reference Center refcentca
Canadian Student Research Centre  src-can
Consumer Health Complete chc
Consumer Reports crcrc
DynaMed dynamed
EBSCOhost Web ehost
Enfermeria Al Dia  nrc-spa
Explora Primary Schools explora-ps
Explora Secondary Schools explora-ss
Explora Public Libraries explora-pl
Explora Canadian Libraries explora-can
History Reference Center hrc
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center hcrc
Home Improvement Reference Center hirc
Literary Reference Center lrc
NoveList novelist
NoveList K - 8 novelistk8
NoveList Plus novplus
Novelist Plus K - 8 novpk8
Nursing Reference Center nrc
Nursing Reference Center with PERC  npr
Patient Education Reference Center perc
Points of View Reference Center pov
Rehabilitation Reference Center  rrc
Russia Online russiaol
Science Reference Center scirc
Scientific & Medical ART Imagebase  scimed
Small Engine Repair Reference Center serrc
The Nation nation
UK/Ireland Reference Center refcentuk


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