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Getting Started with EBSCO OpenAthens

Your EBSCO OpenAthens implementation includes the provision of a few key items, all of which are described below. Throughout the process, please note that you will receive outstanding support, service, and communication, including a Project Coordinator to assist you each step of the way.

Item #1: The OpenAthens Questionnaire

This questionnaire will provide EBSCO the baseline of how you would like your OpenAthens Module to be constructed with feedback from you regarding Organization type, Reporting Requirements, and other user administrative guidelines.

The questionnaire can be found here: Please feel free to review the contents of the questionnaire prior to beginning the implementation process. The Project Coordinator assigned to your account will also be on hand to respond to any questions you may have about the questions contained within the form.

Item #2: The OpenAthens Resource Template

The questionnaire contains a template to provide a list of all your resources that you will want to use with OpenAthens authentication. This OpenAthens Resource Template should be filled in as completely as possible, keeping in mind that you want to notify us of all resources including all online databases, journals, individual journal subscriptions via publisher access or subscription service, and point of care resources used by your institution. In addition, please include any additional online resources to which you have access via a larger consortium (or governing body).

Item #3: The Bulk Upload Template

If you are not connecting to a pre-existing local directory, and you know in advance who your end users will be, then you have the option to upload your users in bulk. Your project coordinator will send you a bulk upload template you need to complete with user details. The template includes all required fields (based on preferences in your questionnaire). If you want to know more about bulk uploads, you can read this FAQ:

Item #4: Customized Self-Registration

If you have decided to include a customized self-registration page with your purchase of OpenAthens, then you will need to provide feedback regarding the design of the page before it gets created. Design specifications will be sent to you for review and approve as a part of the project; and written approval is required before the page is created.

Item #5: Local Authentication Connection

There are a variety of ways we can connect your user directory to OpenAthens. View the options here:

If you’re not sure what connector is best for your organization, share the options with your IT team. They will select the option most compatible with your systems. They may be able to follow the instructions and complete the set-up. Ensure you share your OpenAthens administrator login so they can complete the set-up.

If you need assistance, we will arrange a teleconference with your IT department and OpenAthens experts.

In addition, here are some useful links that can provide you some additional information about OpenAthens, including training links and some other getting started ideas.

Demonstration videos for all aspects of the Administration portal are available here: