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EBSCOadmin - Link Activity by Target Report

While searching EBSCO databases or EBSCO Discovery Service users may find an item they would like to read. If the full text (i.e., the actual article, e-book chapter, etc.) is not available within the EBSCO platform, the user can connect elsewhere in the institution’s collection of subscribed resources through a linking solution such as LinkSource or EBSCO CustomLinks.

The Link Activity by Target Report shows the number of times users click on a CustomLink available from the Search Results or Detailed Record. This data is obtained by the Link Text or the Link Name of a CustomLink.

Note: If the users selects LinkSource (or another link resolver set up as a CustomLink in EBSCOadmin) it is important to note that this report only captures the number of requests to the linking service, as defined in the EBSCOadmin CustomLinks. However, link resolver menus often offer multiple choices for the final Target (publisher web site, another article aggregator, etc.). For reports on the Target selected from a LinkSource or Full Text Finder link resolver menu, use the LinkSource or Publication Finder reports.

  1. Click Reports & Statistics in the tool bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Standard Reports under EBSCOhost/EDS and then select the Link Activity Reports sub-tab.

  3. Select Option – Select Activity by Target. The target options (e.g. CrossRef, EBSCOhost, ILL) are displayed.

    Link Activity by Target Report

  4. Platform – Select All, or from the drop-down list, select the specific platform (EBSCOhost, LinkIn Server, etc.) for which you want to run the report.

  5. Time Period – In the Date Range "from" and "through" drop-down lists, select a time period for the report.

  6. Format – Select an output format for the report: HTML, comma delimited, or tab delimited. Comma delimited files output in Microsoft Excel .csv format, and can be read by many spreadsheet programs.

  7. Lines Per Page – Enter the number of lines per each page of the report. Defaults to 25 lines per page.

  8. Click Show Report, Email Report, Schedule Report, or Save Report.

Sample Link Activity by Target Report

Link Activity by Target Report