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Customizing Interface Colors in EBSCOadmin

EBSCOadmin allows administrators to customize the interface colors of EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service profiles. For example, an administrator may want to use customization to brand the interface with their institution's color scheme.

To customize your EBSCOhost or EBSCO Discovery Service interface colors:

  1. From the Choose Profile drop-down menu, select the EBSCOhost profile you would like to customize or your EBSCO Discovery Service profile.

  2. Click the Branding sub-tab.

  3. Click the Modify link to the right of Customize Colors.
    The Customize Colors screen is displayed.

  4. Click the Background or Text/Link color you would like to modify to access the color picker tool, or simply enter a hexadecimal color code in the field provided.

    Branding - Customizing Colors

  5. Use the controls in the color selection tool to select a color and click OK.

  6. The new color is displayed in the preview box as it will appear on the interface.

    Branding - Customizing Colors

  7. Repeat for each of the Background and Text/Links colors you would like to customize.

  8. Click Submit. Your color changes are saved.


  • It is recommended that Color Three be a lighter version of Color Two and that Color Four be a light color such as #EEEEEE.

  • Avoid choosing white for Color Three Text & Links color. Choosing white will cause the Sort By dropdown menu to appear empty.

  • Avoid choosing white for Color Four Text and Links color. Choosing white will cause the Share menu to appear empty.

  • Avoid choosing blue for Color Four Text and Links color. Choosing blue will cause the page navigation text and links to all be the same color.

  • If you need assistance determining your institution’s colors from a website, try the ColorZilla plug-in for FireFox at