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Can I copy profiles in EBSCOadmin?

EBSCOadmin gives administrators the ability to copy a profile within a user group or to another user group.

Library administrators may find that it helpful to copy a profile from one group to another, if there are different groups set up for authentication purposes. You can also copy one setting of a profile, such as an ILS link, from one profile to another.

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To copy a profile from one group to another:

  1. In EBSCOadmin click on the Customize Services Tab and then on the Profile Maintenance link.

  2. Click the Copy Profiles link.

  3. From Source Profile: Choose the site (consortium only), group and profile ID that you want to copy.

  4. To Target Profile: Choose the site (consortium only) and group and enter a profile ID for the new profile you want to copy onto.

  5. Select the parameters of the Source profile you would like to copy to the Target profile.

    • If you want to copy all settings and feature of the Source profile, click on Select All and all settings and features will be transferred.


    • If you want to copy just some of the settings, check the box in front of each one.

  6. Click Submit. Your changes are saved.

Selecting Parameters to Copy

When you copy a profile, you can select which individual parameters would wish to be copied over to the new profile. This includes the ability to copy your general Searching and Viewing Results settings as well as more advanced items such as your CustomLinks and customized Branding settings.

Some parameters allow you to choose which items you wish to copy over. For example, if your source profile has widgets configured, you are able to select which, if any, widgets are copied to the Target profile.

  • Customize Group Databases By Subject - Click to select which customized subject groups you would like copied to your new profile.

  • Databases - Click to select which databases in the profile you would like copied to the new profile.

  • Widgets - Click to select which result list and detailed record apps (formerly known as widgets) you would like copied to the new profile.

  • Customize Toolbar - Click to select which features of your customized toolbar you would like copied to the new profile. (EDS Only)