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Branding Color Recommendations

The colors used to create the EBSCOhost user interface possess significance and meaning, both for the customer’s brand and the user’s experience. It’s a good idea to use the custom branding preview function in EBSCOadmin to test how the colors will paint the interface and interact with one another.

Branding Color Palette

Overall Color Strategies

As a rule, Color 1 Primary and Color 2 Primary should be the two main colors of the palette, and the Secondary colors for each need to be contrasting colors because the Color 1 Secondary and Color 2 Secondary settings paint the text that lays over Color 1 Primary and Color 2 Primary.

Both Color 1 Primary and Color 2 Primary should be fairly dark colors. We use lighter versions of the Color 1 Primary setting to paint most of the site. The Color 2 Primary setting paints the Database Name, the “Preferences” Type Pop up boxes (modals) and the "Find Similar" box on the detailed record page, so it needs to be dark enough to show on a light background.

Color 3 Primary setting paints the Search and Update type buttons. The Color 3 Secondary setting paints the text that lies over the search/update buttons. When in doubt, make the Color 3 Primary setting the same as the Color 2 Primary setting and make the Color 3 Secondary setting white (#FFFFFF). If the brand has a third color in the palette or you’d like to make the buttons stand out (a call to action) you may want to make your buttons a brighter/bolder version of either Color 1 Primary or Color 2 Primary.

Color 4 Primary Paints the color of the title links on the result list, when in doubt, set this to blue (#005BC6) It's a good idea to keep links blue as users will more easily recognize them as clickable.

Color 4 Secondary paints the title text on the detailed record page. When in doubt, make this black (#000000)

Specific Recommendations

Color 1 Primary: Primary palette color. This should be a rich/dark color

Color 1 Secondary: Use white #FFFFFF

Color 2 Primary: Secondary palette color...needs to be dark enough to be seen over a white background. If the brand only has one color in their palette (for example the Boston Celtics) make Color 2 Primary the same as Color 1 Primary or a slightly lighter/slightly darker version of Color 1 Primary.

Color 2 Secondary: Use white #FFFFFF

Color 3 Primary: Use the same color as Color 2 Primary, unless there is a third color in the palette or you want to make the buttons POP by using a strong accent color (using the button color as a strong visual cue to the user). Color 3 Primary can be a light color, but since it also paints the border of the find field, it’s a good idea to make the color dark enough to be seen over a white background.

Color 3 Secondary: Use white #FFFFFF unless you have made Color 3 Primary a light that case use a contrasting/dark color for Color 3 Secondary

Color 4 Primary: Use blue #005BC6

Color 4 Secondary: Use black #000000