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EBSCO Subscription Services - Claim and Missing Issues FAQs

Will EBSCO claim missing issues on my behalf?
EBSCO will attempt to claim missing issues on your behalf. EBSCO does not guarantee issues will be replaced as the decision will ultimately be made by the publisher.


Where do I locate information about a publisher’s claiming policy?
The publisher’s claiming policy and a list of restrictions can be located within each title in EBSCONET.


What happens if the publisher is unable to replace a missing issue?
EBSCO will ask for an extension or credit.


What happens if a publisher goes out of business or fails to supply?
EBSCO will credit your account based on refunds EBSCO has received from publishers.


How do I place claims?
You may place claims one of the following ways:

  • Through the EBSCONET claiming screen.
  • Electronic claiming through your Integrated Library System (ILS) if applicable.
  • Email your Account Manager/Customer Service Representative and include the following information: account number, ILS number, title name, volume and issue number.


How much time do I allow for my claim?
For domestic publications, please allow 4-6 weeks before claiming a third time or to escalate. For non-domestic publications, please allow 8-10 weeks.


When Does EBSCO Stop Claiming?
Single Issue Claim: If an issue isn’t received after three attempts at claiming, EBSCO will drop the claim. A statistical breakdown of the fulfillment rates of all claims placed at EBSCO offices worldwide illustrates why we do this: 1st claims are filled 85 percent of the time; 2nd claims 12 percent; 3rd claims 3 percent. The EBSCO missing Copy Bank will be checked in addition to claiming.

Non-Service Claim: EBSCO will claim (including letters, email and by telephone) a total of six attempts. If the publisher does not respond after this time EBSCO will stop following up the non-service claim.