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How do I set up referential searching from a MEDITECH system to an EBSCO Resource?

The base URL is:

You will need to provide Meditech with the following:

  • Databases that you would like to implement – e.g. DynaMed, Nursing Reference Center, Patient Education Reference Center.

  • Type of Authentication you use – User Name/Password or IP authentication.

EBSCO Technical Support can provide you with your User Name and Password, and can also enter your IP addresses in our system if needed.

Sample Arguments and Values are shown below; Meditech can provide specific values for your platform and version.

Argument Value
direct true
user Customer user ID
password Customer password
site Product (perc, dynamed, nrc)
SearchString ID bquery

The above configuration should build a URL structure like this:{userId}&password={password}&site=perc&term={search term}

The search results are returned within the appropriate user interface.