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How can I enable customized patient handouts for the Point-of-Care products?

Administrators can enable customized printouts for Nursing Reference Center (NRC), Nursing Reference Center with PERC, Patient Education Reference Center (PERC), Rehabilitation Reference Center (RRC) or Enfermeria al Dia, by logging into EBSCOadmin and modifying the custom printing settings for those profiles.

The end user can customize a patient handout to include information such as the patient’s name, healthcare provider’s name and telephone number, as well as a patient/physician acknowledgement page that can be signed and filed with the patient record. Once the customized printing feature is enabled in EBSCOadmin, custom print selections are displayed on the Print Manager.

To customize patient handouts:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. In the Choose Profile area, select the appropriate profile. 

  3. From the Customize Services tab, click the Delivery Options sub-tab.

  4. Set the Allow Custom Printing field to On to enable custom printing. 

  5. In the row labeled Custom Printing and Acknowledgement, click Modify.

  6. Make your selections in the following fields:

    • Display “Print Images” Checkbox – To choose whether or not to display the checkbox.

    • Print Images Default Value – To choose whether or not to default to print images.

    • Display “Include Acknowledgement” Checkbox – To choose whether or not to display the checkbox.

    • “Include Acknowledgement Page” Default Value – To choose whether or not to include an acknowledgement page for patient signature.

  7. Add the items that you want to display on the Print Manager (and on the Acknowledgement Page,) and set the defaults for them. EBSCOadmin displays a set of items that you can use “as is,” or edit to suit your needs.

    To customize contact information on the patient handouts, modify any or all of the following elements:

    • Order – Enter the order in which the fields are to be displayed on the printout. 

    • Address Line Caption – Captions for items 1 to 4 default to Patient’s Name, HealthCare Provider’s Name, Department, and Phone Number. You can change these captions—40 characters maximum. (The user can override these defaults on the Print Manager.) 

    • Default – If there is a default entry associated with the caption, enter that information here. For example, you could enter the health care provider’s name, and it would automatically print on the patient handout. (The user can override these defaults on the Print Manager.) 

    • Include Signature Line – Mark the check box to indicate whether a signature line should be included with any of the address line captions. For example, you might want to print two copies of the Acknowledgement Page, and have the patient and the provider sign both copies. (The patient’s and provider’s names are set to include a signature line.)

  8. Click Submit to save your changes.