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How do I add my logo to a Custom Printout for the Point-of-Care products?

Administrators can add their institution's logo (or other custom branding) to the custom printout generated from Nursing Reference Center (NRC), Nursing Reference Center with PERC, Patient Education Reference Center (PERC), Rehabilitation Reference Center (RRC), or Enfermeria al Dia.

To add a logo to a custom printout generated from a Point-of-Care product:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at
  2. In the Choose Profile area, select the appropriate profile.
  3. From the Customize Services tab, click the Delivery Options sub-tab.
  4. In the Display Institution logo for custom printing field, enter the URL to the location where your logo is staged on your server. (The image size should not exceed 630x100 pixels.)
  5. Click Submit to save changes.

Note:  The remaining custom fields are added on the Print Manager Screen at the time of printing.

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