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Point of Care Reference Centers - Using the Folder

EBSCO's Point of Care Reference Center interfaces (Nursing Reference Center, Patient Education Reference Center, Rehabilitation Reference Center) include a folder feature that allows you to store the articles, links, searches, etc. you find during your session and print, save, e-mail, or export them to your computer.

You can also create a personal folder account to store your items permanently.

The Folder

As you add items to the folder, you can click the Folder link to review items have been added.

You can store all of the following to your folder: search result items, persistent links to searches, saved searches, search alerts, journal alerts, and web pages.


From the folder you can then print, e-mail or save multiple results at the same time. If you have signed in to your personal account, any items you collect in your folder are automatically saved at the end of the session. If you have not signed in to your personal account and you end your session, or it times out due to inactivity, the folder is automatically cleared.

By default, items in the folder are sorted by article name. You can use the Sort By: Date option present folder items by date (in descending order).

Note: Your administrator decides whether the personal account feature is available.