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Point of Care Reference Centers - Setting Preferences

The Preferences screen on EBSCO's Point of Care interfaces (Nursing Reference Center, Patient Education Reference Center, Rehabilitation Reference Center) contains options to change the format and sorting of your Result List as well as to control keyword auto-complete functionality in text boxes on Search screens.

To set preferences:

  1. Select from the following Preferences settings: 


    • Display – Specify how many results (or records) are displayed per page (for example: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50).

    • Format – Select the level of detail for each result: Title only, Brief or Detailed.

    • Auto-Complete Keyword Suggestions – Turn on or off the automatic suggestion of complete keywords based on initial letters entered in a Search text box.

  1. Click Apply. If you were previously at the Result List, it is updated according to your selections. If you were previously at the Search Screen, you must first perform a search before viewing the customized Result List.

Note: Preferences settings are not applied within the folder.