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Point of Care Reference Centers - Customized Printouts

EBSCO's Point of Care Reference Center interfaces (Nursing Reference Center, Patient Education Reference Center, Rehabilitation Reference Center) includes the ability to customize a printout to include the following information:

  • Patient’s name
  • Healthcare provider’s name
  • Department
  • Who to call
  • Notes

You are prompted to enter this custom information after you select the Print option.

If your institution’s logo or other branding image has been loaded, the interface includes this image on the printout. The custom information you provide appears at the top of the first page of the printed document.

Including this information on patient printouts provides consistent communication between healthcare providers and patients, enhances the practitioner-patient relationship, and establishes your facility as the facility-of-choice.

To customize a printout:

  1. From the article or document, click Print. The Print Manager appears with the customized printout fields.

    custom printout

  2. Enter the custom information in the customized printout fields.

    Note: You do not need to complete all the fields. The interface prints the text only for the fields you complete.

  3. Click Print. The interface displays the Print Preview screen, including the customized printout information.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click the OK in the Print dialog box. The interface prints the article with the customized information.

    • Click Cancel in the Print dialog box. The interface returns to the Print Preview screen.

  5. To return to the article or citation, click Back.


  • The Customized Printouts feature can be disabled using EBSCOadmin. If you do not see Customized Printout options when you print, see your administrator and refer to this FAQ: How can I enable customized patient handouts for the Point-of-Care products?

  • After completing customized printout information, a preview of the printout is displayed. You can then print the document or cancel the print job and make modifications.

  • If you have selected multiple documents to print simultaneously, and you have configured customized printout information, the customized printout information is included on all documents.

  • The Customized Printout field labels ("Patient’s Name", "Notes”, etc.) do not appear on the printout.

  • If a branding or logo image is configured for your printouts, you cannot control whether or not it is included with your printouts. To change or remove the image, see your administrator and refer to this FAQ: How do I add my logo to a Custom Printout for the Point-of-Care products?

  • There is no limit to the amount of text you can enter in the Notes field.