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How can I incorporate EBSCO support resources into my institution's LibGuides or other web-based library resources?

There are several ways you can incorporate EBSCO Support Site resources into your institution's LibGuides or web-based resources, including your library's website.

For example, you can:

  • Link to Tutorials
  • Embed YouTube Tutorials
  • Link to Support documents
  • Create an EBSCOhost Search Box
  • Link to Research Starters
  • Link to EBSCO's training sign-up page

Please note: While the examples in this FAQ are specific to LibGuides, all of these methods can be used to incorporate EBSCO support materials into your institution's web-based reources.

Link to Flash and PowerPoint Tutorials

The EBSCO Support Site features helpful tutorials in Flash, YouTube, and PowerPoint formats that you can link to from your LibGuide.

For example: Include a link to the History Reference Center tutorial on your institution's History resources LibGuide to instruct your users on how to find useful information on the interface.

To get a link to a tutorial:

  1. Go to the Support Site Tutorials page at:

  2. Right-click on the icon for the tutorial and format of your choice and select the Copy Shortcut option.

    Note: To copy a link to a Flash-based tutorial, you must first click to open the tutorial and copy the URL from the address bar of the resulting tutorial window.

  3. Paste the link into your LibGuide where appropriate.

Embed YouTube tutorials

Tutorials that are hosted on the EBSCO YouTube page can also be embedded into your LibGuides using embed code available from YouTube.

To get the embed code for a YouTube hosted tutorial:

  1. Go to the EBSCO YouTube page at:

  2. Browse the page for a tutorial you would like to embed on your LibGuide.

  3. Click on your selected tutorial to view the tutorial page.

  4. Click the Share link below the tutorial window and select Embed.

  5. Copy the highlighted code and paste it into your LibGuide where appropriate to embed the tutorial.

Link to Support Documents

The EBSCO Support Site includes helpful documents such as FAQs, Help Sheets, and User Guides for interfaces and database products.

For example: Include a link to the Nursing Reference Center Advanced Search Help Sheet on your institution's Nursing LibGuide to instruct users on how to utilize the Advanced Search feature on the interface.

Create an EBSCOhost Search Box for your LibGuides

EBSCO's Search Box Builder makes it easy for you to create an EBSCOhost or EBSCO Discovery Service search box to add to your LibGuides. The simple, step-by-step tool generates the HTML code that can be placed into your LibGuides, giving your users easy access to all of your EBSCO resources.

With the tool, you can also create a search box that searches a single database, or multiple databases in a single area of study related to your LibGuides.

For example: Use Search Box Builder to create a search box that searches the Science Reference Center database and add it to your institution's science LibGuide.

Link to Research Starters

If your institution has subscribed to EBSCO's Research Starters and they are included on an EBSCOhost profile, you can directly link your users to these databases, or create a Search Box for your LibGuides that searches Research Starters.

Research Starters offer students a starting point for their research by providing comprehensive summaries of discipline-specific topics.

The following Research Starters databases are available from EBSCO:

  • Research Starters - Business
  • Research Starters - Education
  • Research Starters - Sociology

For example: Create an EBSCOhost Search Box that searches Research Starters - Sociology and add it to your institution's Sociology LibGuide.

To learn more about linking directly to an EBSCOhost profile or database, see the following FAQ:

How do I set up direct links to EBSCOhost databases?

To create a Search Box that searches Research Starters, use the Search Box Builder tool and select the Databases option in Step One. From there, you can choose your institution's subscribed Research Starters databases.

Link to EBSCO's training sign-up page

Connect users to EBSCO's On-Demand Training site at

For example: By linking to EBSCO's training site from a business-related LibGuide, you enable business students to register for an upcoming training on the Business Searching Interface (BSI), or watch a pre-recorded BSI training available on-demand.


For information about how to customize your LibGuides, see the SpringShare Help & Documentation page at:

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