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How can I change the default search screen to Basic Search or Advanced Search for the EBSCOhost Search Box?

To change the default search screen for your custom search box to Basic or Advanced Search:

  1. Make all of your selections in the Search Box Builder page and create your HTML code.

  2. In the code, find the persistent link and look for the code labeled type=(value).

    Hint: If you copy the code in Notepad or Microsoft Word, use Ctrl+F to find it.

  3. Replace (value) with 0 for Basic Search or 1 for Advanced Search.

If you would like to provide an additional link in your search box code to the Advanced Search page, without changing the default of the search box on your website, you can add a link using the following format:

e.g. link:[AUTHTYPES]&profile=[PROFILEID]

[AUTHTYPES] would be replaced by the authentication types you would like to use.  Available authtypes include:


The authentication type selected must be properly configured in EBSCOadmin.  You can enable multiple authtypes separated by a comma (i.e. authtype=ip,cpid&custid=nsXXXXXX)

[PROFILEID] would be replaced with the profile you wish to target - i.e. EBSCO Discovery Service (eds), EBSCOhost Research Databases (ehost), etc.  

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