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How can I change the database order for my EBSCOhost Search Box?

You can edit the database name and database code for each product in the Search Box HTML code to change the order.

  1. Make all of your selections in the Search Box Builder page and create your HTML code.

    Note: Do not make any changes to: title="Select / deselect all"

  2. Look for a line in the coding called <li id="tr1"

    Hint: If you copy the code in Notepad or Microsoft Word, use Ctrl+F to find it

    This indicates that the coding below will designate a specific database to be searched. If multiple databases are included, there will be a line included for each product:

    <li id="tr1"
    <li id="tr2"
    <li id="tr3"
    <li id="tr4"

  3. Add the correct database name after "title=".

  4. Add the correct database code to the "db=".

  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for each database until you have made the appropriate changes for each one.

  6. Add the HTML code to your website.

Database names and codes for EBSCOhost Products and EBSCOhost Integrated Search (EHIS) resources can be found in EBSCOadmin under Customize Services > Databases.

EBSCOhost Database Names/Codes can also be found at the following FAQ:

EBSCOhost Database Short Names List (Product Codes)



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