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Support - EBSCO Help

What level of support does EBSCO offer?

EBSCO offers comprehensive Technical Support, as well as Customer Account Specialist care.

Technical Support

Technical Support is available to answer questions regarding access to EBSCO’s products and services. Technical Support can be reached by the following ways:

Toll-Free Telephone (U.S. and Canada): 800-758-5995
Fax: 978-356-7332
Available Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day.

Over 80% of cases reported to EBSCO’s Technical Services and Support Department are opened and resolved within the same business day. On average, callers into the Technical Support queue wait no more than 20 seconds. All emails are responded to within 24 hours depending on the nature of the query.

Customer Account Specialists

Customer Account Specialists (CAS) are dedicated support representatives charged with the care of our largest accounts. In addition to technical expertise, the CASs work closely with new accounts to ensure optimal account set-up for our customers, proactively communicate new features and product functionality to facilitate customer success, as well as participate in customer training.

The EBSCO Help Site

The EBSCO Help Website ( is designed specifically for customers to provide detailed support information about EBSCO’s products and services. The Help Site is available 24/7.

Using the Help Site, libraries can access a wide range of resources to find answers to technical issues on their own. The site features knowledge base technology (Frequently Asked Questions), a ‘Contact Support’ feature that allows customers to create their own case for expert handling by a qualified technical support representative, as well as links to troubleshooting information, search tips, top stories, instructive Flash tutorials, user guides, help sheets, product & service updates, customer communication archives, and more.

The Help Site also includes a library of step-by-step training tools for key product features; including translations in 24 languages. This easy-to-use, robust support service website is provided at no additional cost to EBSCOhost customers.