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What is JSTOR?

JSTOR is a digital library including thousands of academic journals, books, and primary source documents. JSTOR helps people discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful research and teaching platform. JSTOR is committed to the preservation of this content for future generations and collaborates with the academic community to achieve the following goals:

  • Help scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of scholarly content on a dynamic platform that increases productivity and facilitates new forms of scholarship.
  • Help libraries connect patrons to vital content while increasing shelf-space savings and lowering costs.
  • Help publishers reach new audiences and preserve their scholarly content for future generations.

Most JSTOR content is in English, but German, French, Czech, Spanish and other languages are represented.

For more information about JSTOR, please visit

What databases are available for searching JSTOR content in EDS?

JSTOR Journals
This database contains all of the Archival Journal Collections and Current Scholarship Program content available on JSTOR. The Archival Journal Collections (Arts & Sciences I – XIII, Business I-IV, etc.) content covers the back issues of more than 1,500 scholarly journals across 50 disciplines that span 500 years. The Current Scholarship Program provides access to the most recent issues of more than 300 high-quality titles from 52 leading publishers. All EDS customers may search JSTOR journal metadata by adding the new database JSTOR Journals to EDS profiles.

Books at JSTOR
Books at JSTOR offers more than 25,000 ebooks from renowned scholarly publishers like Princeton University Press, Yale University Press, Harvard University Press, and many more. EDS customers may search metadata and full text by adding the new database Books at JSTOR to EDS profiles.

Primary Source Collection
Created by RLUK (Research Libraries UK) with funding from the JISC Digitisation Programme, 19th Century British Pamphlets represents the most significant British pamphlets from the 19th century held in UK research libraries. The digitization of more than 20,000 pamphlets from seven UK institutions provides researchers, students, and teachers with an immensely rich and coherent corpus of primary sources with which to study the socio-political and economic landscape of 19th century Britain.

All EDS customers may search JSTOR content in EDS, but only subscribers may view the full text on the JSTOR platform.

Linking to JSTOR from EDS

EDS customers who subscribe to JSTOR content may use an EDS CustomLink already created in EBSCOadmin to access full-text content on the JSTOR platform. To set up this CustomLink, please follow the directions posted here: JSTOR: How do I set up a CustomLink to JSTOR

Please note, If you are setting up CustomLinks for Books at JSTOR, you must use the ‘JSTOR (All Content)’ CustomLink in EBSCOadmin.

If you would like assistance setting up linking, please contact EBSCO customer support at .

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