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Product Buttons, Logos, and Try It Now Ads

Looking for colorful graphics to use in marketing your library's EBSCO resources? Our Support Site offers high-resolution product logos that you can include on your print promotional materials, as well as product buttons and "Try It Now" ads for your website.

Find these promotional resources and more by visiting the Promotion page at You can browse an alphabetical list of product folders that contain buttons, logos, and web ads.

Note: Many of our promotional graphics are compressed in zip file folders. They need to be unzipped or decompressed in order to view the contents. There are numerous utilities on the market available for unzipping files. Decompress, extract, expand, and unzip all refer to the same process of opening a zipped file. Each utility refers to the zip process differently. Most zip programs have "wizards" to lead you through the process, step-by-step. Refer to product help within the utility you use for specific instructions.