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How does EBSCO's Autocomplete feature work?

The Autocomplete feature available in many EBSCO interfaces, including EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCOhost Research databases, offers suggested terms to complete a search query based on EBSCO's search log data. The suggested terms are based on popular search terms across all customer accounts globally. In addition, the feature supports multiple languages, though English language queries can be more common due to their popularity. Suggested terms are ordered by the frequency in which the term is searched, with the most popular search terms appearing first.

EBSCO Discovery Service and Full Text Finder customers have an additional Autocomplete feature available from the EDS or Publication Finder search box.  The Publications Autocomplete orders suggestions based on the frequency of publication retrievals from EBSCO's Global Knowledge Base across all customer accounts. As the list is generated, an additional filter is applied so that only titles available in the customer's holdings are displayed. Available titles are designated by the account administrator in Holdings Management via EBSCOadmin. For more information on Holdings Management, click here.