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Create an EBSCO search box

Put your EBSCOhost databases or EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)  "front and center" by adding a search box right to your website!

EBSCO's Search Box Builder makes it easy for you to create an EBSCOhost search box. This simple, step-by-step tool generates the HTML code that can be placed into a website - for example, your institution's Intranet or other patron websites.

The Search Box Builder helps you customize your search box by asking you to identify which products or databases you wish to search, choose from available limiters, set your authentication parameters, and choose the most appropriate search box for your needs. The tool then generates the code that you can cut and paste to add to your website.

You can access EBSCO's Search Box Builder by clicking the link below:

EBSCO's Search Box Builder

Here is an example of one of the different search box options available:

Search Box Example

If you need additional assistance with creating a search box or have any questions, contact Customer Support

See also: Use EBSCO's Direct URL Builder to create direct URLs to your EBSCOhost databases.