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How do limiters display on a multi-database search?

If you are searching more than one database, the limiters common to the databases appear under the Limit your results heading of the search screen. However, some limiters will appear in the common limiters area even if they are not in all the databases, provided they are supported by at least one of the databases being searched.

These include the Full Text, Published Date, Publication, Peer Reviewed, Image Quick View, Image Quick View Type, and References Available limiters.

  • If the limiter is common to all selected databases, it will appear in the common limiter area.  
  • If the limiter is a multi-database limiter in some of the selected databases, it will appear in the common limiter area.
  • If the limiter is not a multi-database limiter, it will appear in the section associated with each database.

The database-specific limiters appear under the heading Special limiters for: Database Name. (e.g., Special limiters for: Academic Search Premier). If you select a special limiter, it is applied only to the database under which it appears.


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