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Using Image Quick View

The Image Quick View feature provides the ability to view thumbnails of the images in an article right from the EBSCOhost Result List, Citation View, or the Folder. There are two ways you can search for articles featuring Image Quick View results.

To search for articles with Image Quick View from the Basic or Advanced Search Screen:

  1. Enter your search terms into the Find field.

  2. Apply the Image Quick View limiter found under Limit Your Results.

    Or select one or more specific Image Quick View types (i.e. Black & White Photograph, Color Photograph, Map, etc.) from the Image Quick View Types limiter.

    image quick view limiters

  3. Click Search.

  4. Your results are displayed and limited to only those with Image Quick View available. To view an image, click on the thumbnail from the result list or the article citation view.

    image quick view results

To search for articles with Image Quick View from the Image Collection screen:

  1. On the top toolbar, click Images from the More drop-down menu.

  2. The Image Collection Search Screen Appears. Enter your search terms in the Find field.

    image collection search screen

  3. Apply the Image Quick View Collection limiter or if desired, select any specific Image Quick View types.

  4. A result list of available Image Quick View images with links to their corresponding articles is displayed.

    image quick view collection result list

  5. Click a thumbnail to view the full image or click the article title link to view the full article details.


  • The library administrator decides whether Image Quick View will be available.

  • Support for this feature varies by database.