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Using Expanders to Broaden Your Search

Expanders let you broaden the scope of your search. They do this by widening your search to include words related to your keywords or including the actual text of the full text results in your search.

Common expanders that can appear below the Refine Search sub-tab include:

  • Apply related words - Select this option to expand results to include true synonyms and plurals of your terms.

    Example: A search for Neoplasm with the Apply Related Words expander applied would also search for Tumor, Tumour, Tumors, Tumor's, Tumours, and Tumour's.

  • Also search within the full text of the articles - Select this option to search for your keywords within the full text of articles, as well as abstract and citation information. This applies only to words not qualified by a field code.

  • Apply equivalent subjects - Select this option to utilize mapped vocabulary terms to add precision to unqualified keyword searches.

To create a search using an expander:

  1. In the Find field, enter your search terms.

  2. Select the expander you want to use from the Search Options section of the search screen.

  3. Click Search. The Result List appears.