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Using Custom Fields when Printing, E-mailing, or Saving Results

Most users will want to include the Standard Fields for the database being searched when printing, e-mailing or saving search results. If you would like to select the fields to be included within your print, e-mail or save output, you can make these selections in the Customized Field Format area of the Print/E-Mail/Save Managers.

To customize which fields are included with print/e-mail/save:

  1. From the Print, E-mail or Save Manager, select Customized Field Format. The Select Fields for Output area displays.

    select fields for output

  2. Mark the check boxes to the left of the fields you want to include. The fields shared by all the databases you are searching appear in the Fields in Common area at the top of the screen. The individual databases are displayed in alphabetical order, with a maximum of five databases per page. You can use the page numbers or navigation arrows to view additional lists of database fields. 

  3. Click the Print, Send, or Save button. Your selections will be retained throughout the session for all print, e-mail, or save activity.

  4. Continue printing, e-mailing or saving your search results.


  • The Customized Field selections do not apply to output using the Export Manager.