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Searching for Company Profiles in EBSCO Interfaces

Business Source databases on EBSCOhost and Business Searching Interface (BSI) include Company Profiles from MarketLine.

To search for company information:

  1. Click the Company Profiles link at the top of the screen. The Company Profiles List Screen appears with the beginning of the list displayed. You can use the Next | Previous and A - Z links to page through the Company Profiles List.

     company directory search

  2. Enter your search terms in the Browse field. You can enter all or part of a company name. (For example, you could enter GE, or General, or Gen.)

  3. Select a search type. Click one:

    • Alphabetical - Finds companies beginning with the letters you entered. Results are displayed in alphabetical order.
    • Match Any Words - Finds companies with one or more of your terms in the company name. Results are displayed in order of relevance to your search terms.
  4. Click Browse to view a Result List of companies that match your search terms. Use the Next | Previous links to page through the list of results. To print, e-mail or save several search results, open the detail view for each item and add to the folder.

 To view the company details:

  1. Click a hyperlinked company name. The Detail View is displayed. You can print, e-mail or save the result.

     company detail screen

  2. To view the complete report, click the MarketLine Report link. The report opens in Adobe Reader. To return to the Result List, click the Back link at the top of the screen.

    PDF full text screen

  3. To search the database for results related to the company you are viewing, to the right of: Search Periodicals and Other Sources for, click the linked company name. A Result List is displayed.