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How to Print EBSCOhost Records

You can set the defaults for Standard Field Format and Citation Format on the Preferences Screen. The selections that are set on Preferences will be applied when printing.

To print an article:

  1. From the article, click Print.

     print manager screen

    The Printing panel is displayed at the top of the article.

  2. Accept the defaults and click Print.

    The Printing dialog box appears.

  3. Click OK to begin printing.

  4. To return to the article or citation, click Back.

Advanced Features:

  • If you are in the folder, Remove these items from folder after printing appears. Indicate whether you want to empty the folder of all items after printing.

  •  Include when printing - If you do not make any selections in this area, the defaults will apply. The Detailed Citation and Abstract (plus any available HTML Full Text) will be printed.

  • HTML Full Text (when available) – Indicate whether the HTML Full Text of the article (if available) should be included.

  • Current Search History (when available) – Indicate whether the current search history should be printed with your Result List Items. (Note: It is possible that the current search history and the Result List Items may not match. If your folder contains items from a previous session, or if you’ve edited or cleared search history without clearing your folder, you may receive both current search history and earlier folder results.)

  • Standard Field Format - Most users will choose the default - "Detailed Citation and Abstract." You can also select from the drop-down list:

    • Brief Citation – Indicates that only a brief citation should be printed.
    • Brief Citation and Abstract – Indicates that a brief citation and an abstract should be printed.
    • Detailed Citation and Abstract – Indicates that a detailed citation and an abstract should be printed.
  • Citation Format - If you would like to print your citations in a specific format, select one from the drop-down list:

    • AMA - American Medical Association
    • APA - American Psychological Association
    • Chicago/Turabian Author - Date
    • Chicago/Turabian Humanities
    • MLA - Modern Language Association
    • Vancouver/ICMJE
  • Customized Field Format - If you want to select which fields are included with your results, see Using Custom Fields when Printing, E-mailing, or Saving Results.

Note: If your library administrator has provided the ability to translate an article, you may print the translated article directly from your browser window.

To print PDF Full Text:

To print an item in PDF Full Text format, you must use the Adobe Reader Print option. When viewing the PDF document in your browser window, the Adobe Print option (a printer icon) is included on the Adobe Reader toolbar located above the article. Note that if the item includes a citation and/or HTML text, they will print from the browser window.

To print Linked Full Text:

  • If you are printing an article that includes Linked Full Text, you must follow the links directly to the Full Text and then print.
  • If the article includes a citation and/or HTML Full Text, they will print from the browser window, but you will still need to follow the links directly to the Full Text and then print.