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How to Create an EBSCO Account in a COPPA-Compliant Interface

If permitted by your library administrator, you can set up a personal account in a number of EBSCO’s unique research interfaces, such as Literary Reference Center, History Reference Center and Science Reference Center. These interfaces, because they are COPPA compliant, do not ask students for their last names or email addresses when they create personal accounts.

Setting up a Personal Account

To set up a personal account:

  1. Click the Sign In in the top toolbar of the screen.

  2. From the Sign In Screen, click the Create a new Account link.

  3. The Create a New Account Screen appears with Personal Account entered in the Account Type field. Fill in the fields on the Create a New Account Screen. When you have completed the fields, click Save Changes.


    When you create a new My EBSCOhost folder account, or are updating the existing password for your account, you are required to create a strong password.

    As you begin to enter a new value into the password field, the strength indicator will reflect how strong your password is using both color and strength value (red=weak vs. green=strong).

    When your password meets the requirements, the indicator displays that your password is strong and you can retype the password in the next field to confirm it.

  4. If all the information was accepted, a message appears that provides your user name and password. Click OK. You will be automatically logged in as a personal user. You should note the user name and password you created so you can log in at a future session.

If you have forgotten your password, you can submit your user name to retrieve your password.

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