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Reading Flipster Magazine Articles in EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service

When you search for a particular topic, EBSCOhost or EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) search results may include Flipster Digital Magazine links to view magazine articles in the Flipster viewer.

Flipster Digital Magazine links appears if:

  • The feature has been enabled by your institution's administrator.
  • A magazine article exists matching your search topic.
  • The magazine is available in the database being searched on EBSCOhost or EDS.
  • Your library subscribes to the magazine from Flipster.
  • Your library has access via Flipster to the specific issue matching the search topic.

Please note: The Flipster catalog includes issues back to 2014, so any prior magazine issue will not include links to the Flipster Digital Magazine.

To view magazine articles in the Flipster viewer:

  1. Run a search on EBSCOhost or EDS for articles of interest.

  2. In the Result List, articles available to be read in the Flipster viewer appear with a Flipster Digital Magazine link along with the available PDF full text links.

    Flipster Digital Magazine link

  3. Click the Flipster Digital Magazine link for an article.

  4. The article opens in the Flipster viewer.

Using the Flipster Viewer

The Flipster viewer allows you to view magazines and includes a variety of features for searching, reading articles, and printing.

Flipster viewer

Viewer Tools

In the column on the right-hand side, you can:

  • Search: Click the Search field to open the searching options. Enter your search terms in the field and use the limiters to:

    • Search the current issue vs all issues.

  • All Issues: Hover your pointer over All Issues to access all available issues of your title as well as the Table of Contents for the current issue.

  • Pages: Hover your pointer over Pages to view visualizations of all pages available in the current issue. Click on an image to go directly to that page.

  • Zoom: Click the Plus or Minus buttons to zoom in and out of the page you are viewing.

  • Page Arrows: Use the forward and back arrows to page through the current issue.

  • Print: Click the Print button to open a PDF version of the pages you are currently viewing or all pages of the magazine, which you can then print on your computer.

    Note: Issues loaded prior to February 2016 will not be available for printing when using the Print all pages option.

  • Settings

    • Show one page at a time: Select to view only one page at a time.  

    • Zoom out on page change: Select to zoom out to the full page view every time you move to another page. 

    • Fit: Select to fit the page in the viewer by height, width, or height & width.  

Full Screen Mode

You can expand the viewer to full screen by clicking the full screen button near the top right of the page.

Full Screen button