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Exporting up to 25,000 Results

If enabled for your institution by EBSCO Technical Support, you can export large files of records, (up to 25,000) from the EBSCOhost result list using the Share menu. When you select to export up to 25,000 records, you are emailed a link to a downloadable file which can be imported into bibliographic software, such as RefWorks, EndNote or Procite.

To export up to 25,000 results:

  1. Click the Share link on the Result List page.

    Exporting up to 25,000 articles - Share Menu

  2. Click the E-mail a link to download exported results link.

  3. Enter your e-mail address and select a preferred export format from the options on the right.

    Exporting up to 10,000 articles - add e-mail address

  4. EBSCO e-mails you a link to download an export file which you can import into your bibliographic software.