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How to Use the My EBSCOhost Charge Back Account

If you are a corporate user (for example, a law firm or an advertising agency) who needs to track EBSCO usage on a per client basis for billing purposes, you can set up a Charge Back Account. In addition to having all features available in a personal account, you can also set up clients, start a timer to track usage by client, and obtain a report of the time spent. Usage information can be printed and/or e-mailed.

To set up a charge back account:

  1. From the Sign In to My EBSCOhost Screen, click the Create a Charge Back Account link.

    create charge back account link

  2. The Create a New Account Screen displays with Charge Back Account entered in the Account Type field.

    create new account screen

  3. After you have completed the Create a New Account Screen click Submit. A confirmation message is displayed. Click OK.

  4. The Set Up New Client Screen appears. Enter the charge back information for the first client and click Submit. Your charge back information is displayed.

    set up new clients screen

  5. You can continue entering charge back clients, or click Cancel and return to searching. You can add, change or delete charge back clients at any time.

To use charge back with EBSCO:

  1. Sign in to My EBSCOhost using a charge back account user name and password. Your list of Charge Back clients is displayed.

    select a client option

  2. Select a client from the Charge Back List and click Start Timer. When you have finished searching an EBSCO interface for that client, click the Stop Charge Back Timer link.

    charge back timer

  3. The Charge Back Report Screen displays the client name, date, and time spent using EBSCO. You can print and/or e-mail the report.

If desired, when you sign in to My EBSCOhost, you can retrieve Preferences settings that you selected and saved in a previous session.

To load Preferences from My EBSCOhost:

  1. From the Sign In Screen, enter your user name and password.

  2. Mark the Load Preferences from My EBSCOhost check box.

  3. Click the Login button. Any Preferences that you set during the session are replaced with your saved Preferences settings.