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Basic Search on EBSCO Interfaces

The Basic Search Screen lets you create a search with limiters, expanders, and Boolean operators.

To create a Basic Search:

  1. Enter your search terms in the Find field on the Basic Search screen.

  2. Click the Search Options link, if you would like to use any of the optional Limiters or Expanders. To close the Search Options, click the link again.

    basic search screen

  3. Select a specific search mode, such as "Find all of my search terms," or "SmartText Searching."

  4. Apply Limiters such as Full Text or Publication type; or use search options that expand your search, such as "Apply related words." 

  5. Click the Search button. The Result List displays.

    basic search result list

The search field is displayed above the Result List. Your search terms, limiters and expanders are retained.  To revise your search, you can apply the limiters under Limit To on the left or click the Show More link to view all available limiters.