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How does the Auto Correct Search Terms feature work?

If enabled by your administrator for EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), the Auto Correct Search Terms feature automatically runs a search for terms that you may have misspelled when there is a high degree of confidence that there is a better alternative than what was entered into the search box.

In addition to showing results for corrected search terms, your search terms as you originally entered them can be searched by clicking on the hyperlinked terms next to Search instead for.

Auto Corrected terms

In addition to the Auto Correct feature, EDS and EBSCOhost may also include Did-You-Mean and Autocomplete. When all three features are enabled, these search aids work together to produce successful searches.


When enabled in conjunction with the Did-You-Mean feature for EBSCOhost or EDS, the system evaluates the search terms entered and based on the degree of confidence, either auto corrects the terms and displays results, or executes the search as entered and displays the Did-You-Mean feature with hyperlinked terms that may have been intended.

Did You Mean suggests terms


The Autocomplete feature offers suggested terms based on popular search terms across all customer accounts globally. In addition, the feature supports multiple languages, though English language queries can be more common due to their popularity. Suggested terms are ordered by the frequency in which the term is searched, with the most popular search terms appearing first.

Autocomplete feature

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