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Browsing and Viewing AP Videos

If you use EBSCOhost, EBSCO Discovery Service or Explora, and the feature is enabled in EBSCOadmin, a carousel of videos from the Associated Press may display on your search results page.

Browsing AP Videos

  1. Conduct a search from the home page. If AP Videos related to your search terms are available, the video carousel will appear between the second and third records on your search results page.
  2. Use the arrows on the right to scroll through the AP Videos carousel, or click the View All link to see all videos related to your search. Note: The video AN field code is not searchable in Explora.

    Result List with AP Videos
  3. From the Video Results page, you can sort results by Relevance, Oldest or Newest video using the drop-down menu on the right. Results will update automatically.
  4. You can also further refine your results by Publication Date using the limiter on the left. In this case, you must click the Update button to update your results.

    Video Results Screen

    If available, video records will include time stamps indicating where the search terms were found within the video.

    Video Result Screen
  5. Click the video title or the thumbnail to view the video and detailed record.

    Video Detailed Record

    The detailed record page includes details about the video, citation information, as well as a story line, shot list and transcript when available.

    Note: Only text associated with the Video Detail Record can be printed, emailed or saved. The video itself cannot be emailed, saved or shared. Persistent links to videos are not available at this time.

Viewing AP Videos

  1. Click the arrow in the center of the video thumbnail to view the video. Mouse over the video thumbnail, the video player menu appears. Use the icons on the player menu to play/pause/stop the video, search within the video, replay the video, control the volume, or expand the video to full screen. The duration of the video and how many minutes and seconds have played is also displayed.
  2. If closed captioning is available, an icon will display in the upper left corner of the video. To enable closed captioning, click the "CC" icon.

    Video Screenshot
  3. Move the Captions Control button to "On." You may also choose the font size, color, and position of closed-captioned text.

    Close Captioning Screenshot

    Here's how the closed captioning displays:

    Close Captioning Screenshot
  4. To search within the video, click the magnifying glass icon, type in a search term, and press enter on your keyboard. The white vertical lines in video timeline (blue bar in example below) show where the search term can be found within the video.

    Video Screenshot
  5. Click on the time stamps where the search term appears or click the markers within the timeline to access that specific segment of the video.

    Note: You can also jump to different points in the video by clicking on phrases within the transcript, if available.