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How do I limit my EBSCO Discovery Service result list using facets?

Facets appear in the left column of the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) result list and can be used to limit the results that appear. As users select facets and limiters to refine the search results, terms are added to the Current Search box below the Refine Results area.

Available Facets:

  • Subject
  • Publisher
  • Publication
  • Language
  • Geography
  • Source Type
  • Content Provider
  • Library Location (for EDS custom catalog databases only)
  • University (for OpenDissertations)
  • Collection (for institutional repositories only)

 Additional limiters available, depending on the individual institution's configuration, are:

  • Peer-Reviewed
  • Full Text
  • Available in Library Collection
  • Date
  • Catalog only
  • Institutional Repository only

EBSCO Administrators have the option to customize the display, order, and labels associated with facets and limiters via EBSCOadmin.