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What Field Codes are available when searching EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)?

When searching, to obtain optimal results, use Uppercase in the Find field only when selecting to search with field codes. If you enter characters in Uppercase that correlate to a field code (TO, AN, SU, DE etc.) EBSCOhost makes the assumption that you want to use a field code, rather than the word.  Queries should therefore be entered in lowercase to ensure that two-character strings are not interpreted as field codes and deliver unexpected or limited results.  A best practice is to only search using uppercase when you want to invoke a field code.

You can also use the Advanced Search Guided Style screen with drop-down menus to select field codes, which will automatically use the Uppercase.

When you are searching more than one database, or searching via EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) the following field codes are common:

TX All Text Performs a keyword search of all the database's searchable fields. Using the TX field code will cause the search to look for the keyword in the full text as well as the citation record.
AU Author Performs a keyword search for any authors of an article.
TI Title Searches keywords in a record's English and non-English title field.
SU Subject Terms Performs a keyword search of the subject headings listed in the records.
SO Source Performs a keyword search for the journal name of the article.
AB Abstract Performs a keyword search of the abstract summaries.
IS ISSN Performs an exact search for a publication's International Standard Serial Number.
IB ISBN Performs an exact search for an article's identification number in the ISBN and EISBN fields.