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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) - Sample Exercises for EDS Training

Need practice conducting searches in EBSCO Discovery Service? Below are two sample searches that can be used to demonstrate to users how easy it is to search your Discovery Service product.

Exercise 1
Conduct a search on autism and teaching methods and limit the search results to items in the Library Collection. Narrow your results by a subject term in the Narrow Results by column.

  1. Find Field: Enter autism and teaching methods.
  2. Search Mode: Select the Boolean/Phrase search mode.
  3. Limiter: Select the Available in Library Collection limiter.
  4. Result List: Select a subject term from the Narrow Results by column on the left.

Exercise 2
A student has an assignment to find 3 resources from the list below on the topic of marketing and social media:

  • Peer-reviewed journal article
  • Book from the library catalog
  • eBook
  • Newspaper article
  • Government document
  • Video
  1. Enter marketing and social media in the Find field.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Select the Available in Library Collection limiter.
  4. Select the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals limiter.
  5. Select name of Library Catalog under the Content Providers facet.
  6. Select Book from the Library Catalog.
  7. Select the Show More link under Source Types.
  8. Select each of the following Source Types:
    • eBook to view eBooks
    • News to view Newspaper Articles
    • Primary Source Documents to view Government Documents
    • Videos to view Videos

Want more practice? Download the attached document for a great library research "Boot Camp" activity, provided with permission by Jodi Condit Fagan of James Madison University.