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When running a search on EBSCO Discovery Service with EHIS, how are Integrated Search connectors treated?

When a user runs a search on EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), all available resources are searched at once. This includes EBSCOhost databases, library catalog, institutional repositories, EBSCOhost Integrated Search (EHIS) connectors, etc.

The number of results found above the result list denotes the entire number of EDS results found (minus duplicates), and includes those from selected Integrated Search connectors. As Integrated Search connectors are selected or de-selected and the Update button is clicked, the number of results will change to reflect that.

When a user refines a search from the result list by selecting one or more Integrated Search connectors in the right column of the result list and clicking Update, the result list is re-displayed with those results. A new search is not conducted in the selected connectors, but rather the result list is limited to results in those connectors from the initial search.

Note that when a search is conducted including Integrated Search connectors, a simultaneous user, or "seat," that may be enforced on an EBSCOhost database or Integrated Search connector is occupied after the initial search. Because all connectors are searched but not necessarily displayed after an intial search, the connector does not have to be selected for the "seat" to be taken.

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