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What content is included in the different EBSCO Discovery Service Source Types?

Source Types are facets that simplify or expand search results within EDS. When you conduct a search, you will see Source Types in the left-hand column of your result list. When an institution’s catalog items are loaded during EDS set-up, Publication Types “roll up,” or are assigned, to Source Types. Please see the chart below for these assignments.

Publication Types are limiters that allow a user to search specific classifications of publications, such as periodicals, newspapers, or books. Publication Types are assigned to records in a database. Publication Type is searchable by the field tag PT (phrase indexed).

Although Source Types combine Publication Types, they are not directly searchable. And since Source Types are made up of multiple Publication Types, a specific record may appear under both.


These Publication Types Roll up to →

Source Types

Academic Journals and Peer-Reviewed Journals

Academic Journals*

Periodicals, Journal Articles, and Journals 


Trade Publications 

Trade Publications 

Newspapers and Newswires


Books, Almanacs, Reference Books, Book Collections, and Essays


Book Reviews, Film Reviews, and Product Reviews


Country Reports, Market Research Reports, Reports, Educational Reports, SWOT Analyses, Industry Reports, Industry Profiles, and Grey Literature


Conference Papers, Conference Proceedings, Symposia

Conference Materials

Dissertations and Theses




Legal Documents and Primary Source Documents

Primary Source Documents

Government Documents

Government Documents

Music, Music Score, Multiple Score Format, Voice Score, and Printed Music 

Music Score

Research Starters Content

Research Starters

Computer Files, Computers, Electronic Resources, eBooks, and Websites

Electronic Resources

CD-ROMs, Games, Kits, Mixed Materials, Multimedia, Objects, Realia, Visual Materials, and Technical Drawings

Non-Print Resources

Audio, Audiobooks, Audiocassettes, Audiovisual, Music, and Sound Recordings


DVDs, Motion Pictures, and Videos







* Some databases do not indicate academic status, but if the content is academic in scope, any publication type identified in the metadata as Journal, Journal Article, or Article will roll up to the Academic Journal source type.

For a printable, more detailed version of this information, please see the EDS Pub Type / Doc Type / Source Type Quick Reference Guide.