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EBSCO Discovery Service Results List Database Hyperlinks

The EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Results List can be configured to provide hyperlinking for external database names on EDS search results to the database native platform. This feature allows end users to easily locate and search many of the specialized databases offered by your library.

How do I Allow Database Hyperlinks on to display on the EDS Results List? 

Follow the steps below to allow database hyperlinks to display on the EDS Results List:

  1. In EBSCOadmin, from the Choose Profile drop-down menu, select your EBSCO Discovery Service profile.
  2. Under the Customize Services tab, select the Viewing Results sub-tab.
  3. Under General Settings set the Allow Database Hyperlinks on Results List parameter to Yes to Allow Database Hyperlinks on Results List or No to disable this functionality.
  4. Click Submit to save your changes.
Which databases allow me to retain my search when linking through EDS?

The functionality to retain your search is available when linking through PubMed or EBSCO. We are working with the external vendors to add this functionality for other databases.

Why isn’t hyperlinking available for all databases/Why can’t I customize which databases I want to hyperlink to?

Hyperlinking into EBSCOhost is only available for those databases that are compatible with EBSCOhost and enabled within your EBSCOhost profile. We will be adding this linking functionality to more external vendors in the future.

Can I track the usage for database link clicks?

Usage for these links is not currently tracked within EBSCO Standard Reports. This activity is counted into Result Clicks within DB1 and PR1 COUNTER Reports.

Will these links appear when someone is accessing EDS through Guest Access?

No, databases will not be hyperlinked until someone has authenticated into EDS.

Why am I linking to the EBSCOhost interface that I do not use?

Linking from EDS to EBSCOhost utilizing the database hyperlinks will pass you into the first profile that is listed within the Main group of your account. This can be changed within EBSCOadmin by reordering the profile you would like to link into. Instructions for changing the order of profiles and databases can be found here.

Why are my search results different within EDS and EBSCOhost?

If the two Interfaces have been set up with different Search Modes (Boolean, Find all my search terms, etc.) or have been set up with different limiters and/or expanders defaulted on, different results may be returned.