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What is the Available in Library Collection limiter in EBSCO Discovery Service?

The Available in Library Collection (AiLC) limiter in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is a configurable setting libraries can enable to allow users to limit search results to records whose full text is available online (via EBSCOhost full text databases, e-journals, institutional repositories, data partners, etc.) or even content physically available in your library.

These content sources include:

  • All subscribed Full-Text EBSCOhost databases (this includes results retrieved via SmartLinking.)

  • Your library catalog.

  • Your institutional repository.

  • Any subscribed data partners from which you get access to full text. (e.g. Alexander Street Press, JSTOR)

  • Subscribed content via a Local Collection which has a Full-Text CustomLink set up in EBSCOadmin. (e.g. Lexis-Nexis, NewsBank)

  • Subscribed content via Full Text Finder which has a Full-Text CustomLink set up in EBSCOadmin (e.g. can be e-journal collections loaded from other knowledge bases such as SFX, Serials Solutions).

The Available in Library Collection Limiter:

  • Does not limit exclusively to full text results. (For example: Journals available in print on site, but not available online.)

  • Excludes bibliographic content (such as Newsbank, arXiv, JSTOR) if full text is not available.

  • Excludes content from the EDS partner databases to which you do not subscribe or have access to that content.


  • If your library has access to full text from a data partner, results will appear in the result list when the AiLC is applied under the following criteria:

    • SmartLinking to full text

    • CustomLinks to resources outside of EBSCO have been set up.

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