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Uploading Procedures & Summary of Included Fields for HeritageXML EDS Custom Catalogues

To set-up your EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Custom Catalogue, you must first export your HeritageXML catalogue records using the EBSCO Export Module in Heritage. If you do not currently have this module enabled on your local version of Heritage, please contact IS Oxford for setup assistance. Please export a complete set of your catalogue records in an XML file ending in “.xml” and upload it to the full folder of the FTP account using the provided credentials for your new catalogue.

To update your HeritageXML catalogue once initially built please initiate a full export containing all catalogue records and place the XML file into the full folder to ensure your catalogue updates properly. If you have data or LMS compatibility questions, you may need to contact IS Oxford directly. Please do not hesitate to contact EBSCO for assistance with the setup of your HeritageXML EDS Custom Catalogue.

The following document identifies which fields are harvested for inclusion in HeritageXML EDS Custom Catalogues.