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Requesting updates to your EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Custom Catalog Database

When your EDS catalog database is implemented you can select to add new records using an automated process run at regular intervals. Our service allows you to update your catalog as frequently as daily. We create a home directory for your account on our FTP server and provide you with a username and password to log in.

If you need to make any changes or adjustments to your custom database please contact Customer Support. Keep in mind there may be situations that require us to pause your automatic updates to make the requested changes to your catalog.  During this time your EDS profile remains available for searching and you have the ability to update and customize other aspects of your profile.

The following list highlights situations which require us to pause your automated catalog record updates until the requested database changes are implemented:

  • Adding, updating, or deleting locations in a location look-up table.
  • Enforcing a specific encoding to display language diacritics properly.
  • Updating or correcting the display of MARC field mapping.
  • Adding MARC local data fields such as additional subject or notes fields that are not included in standard mapping.
  • Adding or removing URL links on the results list, or changing the link text that displays for URLs.
  • Updating the EDS Custom Catalog database name.
  • Changing the relevancy ranking of an EDS Custom Catalog.
  • Adding or removing customized record filters.
  • Updating how e-books, audiobooks and full text records are identified.
  • A record loss of 8% or more over the previous batch. *

* Note: In cases of a marked decrease in records the automatic load is paused until Customer Support contacts the customer to confirm that the decrease in records is intentional and acceptable. If at anytime you have questions regarding your catalog load, please contact Customer Support.

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