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Getting started with an FTP Client for Custom Catalogs and Institutional Repositories

EBSCO’s primary method for receiving your data is through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP allows you to easily send large files directly to an account specific for your institution using a unique username and password we provide. If you have not received a username and password, please email

Please note: There is now an additional web-based option available to send catalog/IR data to EBSCO. Please see the following FAQ:
Is there a web-based option available to send my catalog/IR data to EBSCO?

If you have never worked with an FTP client and server before, know that it is not too different from moving files around your own computer. However, before you get started you will need an FTP client program, which will provide a user-friendly interface for moving files.

FileZilla and CoreFTP are two user-friendly FTP clients which are easy to download and allow you transfer files and navigate among folders, sites, and your computer.

Download FileZilla here:
Download CoreFTP here:

Once you have downloaded and installed an FTP client follow the instructions below for uploading your data to the EBSCO FTP site.


  1. Save your data file to your computer desktop, so that it is easily accessible.

  2. Open the FTP client, and enter your FTP credentials below and click Quickconnect to be connected to the FTP site:

    • Host:
    • Port: leave this field blank
    • Username: provided by EBSCO
    • Password: provided by EBSCO

    FileZilla Log in Area

  3. Once you have connected to the FTP site, drag and drop your data file from your desktop to the appropriate folder full or update. Please do not create new folders. Note: If you are uploading multiple files for one catalog, place the first file in the Full folder and the second in the Update folder.

    • Full folder: used for uploading your data for the first time or if you are uploading a full replacement load of all catalog records.
    • Update folder: used for uploading a file containing additions or deletions, or when uploading multiple files for one catalog.

    FileZilla Transfer Files

  4. Once you have finished transferring your files, please log off of the FTP site. This will trigger your files to be archived for processing in your EDS Custom Catalog. This can be done by disconnecting from the FTP site using a disconnect button in your FTP client. Alternately, EBSCO will close the connection to the EDS Custom Catalog’s FTP site after 30 minutes of inactivity.