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Encore Duet Setup Best Practice Guide

One of the key benefits of integrating EDS into Encore is the opportunity to search across an always expanding number of records that EBSCO receives and indexes directly from publishers. While a majority of content is available through our core indexes, we have permission to build separate databases for EDS from a number of publishers. These databases comprise a set of content we call Partner Databases, which are represented in the "Content Provider" facet when you limit searches within EDS.

It is important to note that the Partner Databases are not representative of all of the content you will be searching in your EDS profile. We have several different indexes that are used, including ones for your EBSCOhost full-text and bibliographic databases. This form is designed only to assist us in customizing the portion of your collection that is considered EDS Partner Database content. For a complete listing of the content included in your EDS profile, click here.

The reference guide available here offers an overview of key features that we want to ensure are customized for your Encore with EDS implementation.