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EDS Account Review Summary: Quality Assurance (QA) Status Definitions

During your EDS Account Review, each category will be assigned one of the four statuses defined below:

  1. Optimal – indicates that the current settings in the customer’s EDS profile based on the QA category are configured properly; no further action or changes are required.
  2. Optimized – means the current settings in the customer’s EDS profile for a QA category were not properly configured, however the technical representative was able to properly correct the settings to make it optimal. No further actions or changes are required, and the customer can review what was changed under the Account Changes section of the Account Summary.
  3. Requires Attention – means the current settings in the customer’s EDS Profile for a QA category are not properly configured or may be causing errors which the technical representative was unable to rectify without further investigation or input from the customer. Details of these issues will be described under the Open Cases section of the Account Summary. We will follow up with the customer once the case(s) is resolved.
  4. Not Applicable – applies to a category that does not apply to a customer (e.g. if the customer does not have a Custom Catalog, then this category will not be reviewed).
  5. Enhancements Available – means that the account settings are optimal and configured properly, but additional enhancements for customer consideration are available. These enhancements will be listed under Account Suggestions.


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