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How can I tell whether a specific article or journal from JSTOR should be available in EBSCO Discovery Service?

EBSCO indexes all journal content offered on JSTOR’s platform including both the Archival Journal Collections and the Current Scholarship Program (most recent issues). 

However, JSTOR also has restrictions on what content they can publish (and consequently what can be included in EDS). JSTOR refers to this as a "Moving Wall" and is similar to what EBSCO calls an "embargo."

  • For example, the journal 19th Century Music has a Moving Wall of 3 years. Any content published during the last 3 years will not be available on the JSTOR website via an Archive Collection and will not be available in EDS.

A list of titles by collection is available here:

If you are unable to find a journal available via JSTOR Journals, please use the following troubleshooting steps to gather information about the content and contact Customer Support.


  1. Be sure to have the journal name and publication date for any examples of records you believe are missing.

  2. Use the URL below to:

    • Determine what "Moving Wall" restrictions apply to a specific journal.
    • Determine what JSTOR collection a specific journal is published in using the JSTOR Journal List.