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Why are we seeing records from EDS Partner Databases for collections that we do not subscribe to?

Some EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Partner databases are made up of multiple sub-collections. As a service to all EDS customers, we provide all of the metadata in any given Partner Database as a whole, as seen in the Content Provider facet.

For example: Alexander Street Press has over 100 different collections, but under the Content Provider facet you will simply see Alexander Street Press as a single entry.

Although we cannot remove the records from the collections within these databases that you do not subscribe to, we can setup and limit a CustomLink to show only on those records and link your users to the full text.

In order to limit your searches to return only records from the collections you do subscribe to, please use the Available in Library Collection limiter prior to running a search.

If you do not subscribe to any content within an EDS Partner database and do not want the records available in your EBSCO Discovery Service, please contact EBSCO Technical Support and the database can be removed from your EBSCO Discovery Service profile.